Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of equipments shall I need?

Not too much. Bring comfortable clothes, and training shoes! We will give you a stick. If you decide to stay, after a while you should get a fencing helmet (you can buy second-hand helmets for a good price), but in the beginning we can lend you even that. The special clothes (thick and warm) that you can see on some videos are almost exclusively used on competitions.

Does it hurt when you get hit by the stick?

Not really. Hitting hard is not allowed in canne. The risk of an injury is minimal.

Do you have trainings in English?

Yes. Our trainings are attended by both Hungarians and foreigners. Therefore instructions are given in both Hungarian and English. Most of the Hungarians at the training speak English, so you won't feel isolated. It is also a good place to pick up some basic Hungarian.

What are all those elegant but complicated techniques? Why can't we simply slap each-other with the stick?

Well, canne is such a sport... We have these rules, and we believe that these rules define a beautiful, and fun sport. This is very similar to any other sports (why can't we catch the ball with our hands in soccer?) The result of these complicated techniques is that in canne it is easier to defend, than to score. Because of the armé movement your opponent has some time, and clue to prepare for what is coming. In most fencing sports the opposite logic applies, scoring is easier than defending. There is also a historical explanation for the techniques. Briefly: if you fight with a stick you have to hit hard, using big, wide movements (just touching your opponent is not enough).

Can I use it in the streets? Is this effective as a self-defense?

Well, there is a part of canne, called canne defense. This contains self-defense techniques with a stick. We learn the very basics of it at the trainings. What is probably more important: every combat sport gives you a kind of self-confidence, that helps you to handle problematic situations (not at all necessarily in a violent way). But please understand, canne is not a self-defense technique, rather it is a fun, competitive sport.

What abilities shall I need? What abilities does it develop?

Yo need powerful and stretched legs (to go down and come up fast, and to jump high). You need a good hand coordination and a sense of fight-tactics. And above all good concentration. All of these develop when you practise.

What's the best in it?

Beautiful, nimble, elegant. Combat sport, but you won't break your nose. Makes you fast and flexible. Joyful.