Single stick, competitive canne is the most standard and most standardized part of canne. Besides canne has many branches, here we show a selection of these.

Double canne

Double canne means that we use two sticks, instead of one. It means more possible variations. and a more complicated coordinationn. In this video doulbe canne part starts at 2.34.

Canne chausson

In canne chausson we use one stick and the kicks of french-boxing. It's a scenic movement, where you really have to be able to learn all your body.

Canne defense

Canne defense is the self-defense part of canne. Wile practising canne-defense, we mostly use foam-sticks, and we fight almost without rules.


Baton is a long stick. In the XVIII. century in France it was used as a self-defense equipment (mostly at the contryside).

Length of the baton: 1,40-1,50 cm length, made of hard wood.

Baton is normally manipulated with two hands, tough there are a few single-handed techniques as well.

Baton fight

Baton demonstration